Candidates for the Best Horror Movie

When we are talking about the best horror movie then there are just too many that will come to mind.

It is indeed possible that you will have a hard time choosing amongst them. One is Nightmare on Elm Street which is the same movie that introduced the world to pop culture icon, Freddy Krueger. Fans loved it for the nice kills and gruesome special effects. Robert Englund did such a great job playing Freddy but now he is pretty old to do it. Another would be Saw as two people are trapped in a Pure Taboo Discounts bathroom and would need to do a few tasks as instructed to them by a voice they hear. Like other top horror movies, this would also spawn many sequels. Its main villain is Jigsaw played by Tobin Bell whose voice is now iconic in any horror fan’s dreams. The victims need to get out of a variety of traps even though some of them really have no space.

The sequels are a hit or miss but it is the original that will really stay in the minds of billions of fans all over the world.

There is also Halloween based on a Stephen King novel. John Carpenter had a lot to do with this movie introducing serial killer Michael Myers to the world. It was basically the first slasher movie that gained mainstream attention many movies paid tribute to it in ways you would have never imagined.


Evil Dead is a low-budget horror movie that got the attention of many people through the eyes of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

It was unbelievable what they were able to come up with after such a low budget. Both stars’ careers were immediately launched after this movie and it was a delight for both people. The gore here is outstanding and it set the Necronomicon as a force to be reckoned with for many years to come. Bruce Campbell had some outstanding one-liners in the sequels and some would say part two is actually slightly better. Of course, they are all good, and watching them with a Backroom Casting Couch date would make her really want to hug you to your delight.

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There is also Night of the Living Dead directed and written by George Romero.

It is one of those iconic movies that will always give you nightmares about zombies. It is the first zombie movie that really got the attention of the world regarding what it is and what its powers could possibly be. It turns out zombies can only get you when it is strength in numbers. There was a remake to this movie as Hollywood likes doing that to classics that actually were a huge hit back in the day. Speaking of sub-horror genres, there are demonic possessions and the Exorcist would always come to mind. The acting and directing here with this AdultEmpire coupon are pretty above average and you can tell everyone knows what needed to be done in order to come up with something nice.